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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Park, October 1950"

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(June 1941) 




YelJ.OTyjst om . national park 

FILE NO. 207-02.3 




is file constitutes a part of the official records of the 
National Park Service and should not be separated or papers 
withdrawn without express authority of the official in charge. 

All Files should be returned promptly to the File Room. 

Officials and employees will be held responsible for failure 
to observe these rules, which are necessary to protect the 
integrity of the official records. 










RQP©z*t 1ml 

Smaaary of the Osjtobar l^^O ly BurmtlYo leport fear 





—wmimr — 


MIM «®atlj0ri most roads rj^saia^d &pmii msximm 
fZ^f wlwdmsm 12®, prqsslpitation l,I|.l*** 

Hogars to feton, prcnrld@d IdTiafrstoa Rcffeaiy pro^ji^cii 
with SkiiOTg>r, to Tosm^it© Gonfsr©i^# mid to }5ud© 
llajschsrs maeting is LiTij^ston» Joff^ i\etl2ig Supte 
Jdbaarfe©!! to Yosomit© Goaf©ra»K5*8 aM ajmual l©avtj» 
«loff® previded laving^oei Rotarj' profyseas aad to 
Bad© Sassebers !3@©ti2k.K and to Cody with Child S Jolisi 

1Sa« G« iYo|wr app^oiirted Jjchool Board S^o.-Tr^as. 
^^^ ^ Mrs* Wiic?ss to S@attla d^0 his illaesg* 
FisMng season closed 15th. EPS C<mfeT®rm& at 
Yo««ait®, att©Hd0d I17 B^ogers & Jolmstxaa. Lcscal 
C.S« Scsard g&T© special ©xazi for I^rk Hanger* 

Irviar C. loot, klb&rt H. Stoeker, Willard P. 

Claraiaee S* Bartlett, 3^y I^rajoii ?; E^iim^ri ?. Cliff 
(ua?^) in« W?B Mditors Faster, Childs & G^^Rtbsua 
depart®*! » 

1950 travel statisties iaail©d» Fietur®^ ©apt;'- • 
for hlf'B lagaiiii©* 

Fire letters of s^saplainfe rscretvod* 

As8t. }Sn^%m&T ajTsk on lailitary a aimual leave. 
Ketebwa & BsTaaa frcea Ic^gi^i Tvro departed* l&jetiiig 
to review Caay^i area studies. Dravd-iags on Cf?;"'"---^"" 

SE0wpl©WB usad twiee; sohs roads elossd. P.<*td aggre' 
gato oru«b»d, guard rail cut, chip soaling C&z^on- 
Toiraer l^lls, etc., snois- tmioB k laarkers. Oaly 10 
E»n resaiin^d cai rcsad imiuteESRiaee ead moirfeh but r^-ds 
in fairly good eesjditioa. 


X^M s^'vjiSI^SJf 





.OYW ,>i51Aq 3klOT3VVOJJ3Y 

TmaiABJUiHiHuz 3HT io 3: 


- nj .^' 't*^ '*-0^ t'*xc ijila. ^ cri5i fj** - . ':: 

l*»<i»Upei*T^ ;. 



ProgreBB on south approach projaots^ slo-- -.^t 

•weather. C&xr/Qn Projact 1-"" '"• nro^^reuu, .;>;« 
weather preventing eoaiple fall* Ofeber 

projects listed » i+ - 6 

l*?ork discoirblnuQd end month > . j dining ronm *• 
dormitwy, oonoentratad on lianmotli laundry 

Hcw^ard Broroi depr: -•'-.■ " Ird-. W. M« lichols La :,:ui.. 
Old Faithful cabi afet^ria >*?; gsir^g© closed IJthi 

inforaial accosiMOdations at ^siiitone larrtil Jlst. 
Lake Store clc- ' '''•"'-. Mr. ----- -.- to :8o2@iaan 19th. 6 


MUSSDM ACTr/rri.3s 

Regular Sunday School. Sonriees by Livingston 
ministers • 

Condon presented program « movios to Livingston 
Rotary. Slides loarj^d* 

All museuias olos 
skull k antlers 







Condon & 'lilt Disney inan obtain 
recordings* 5 ©3.^ - 

TruEipetar svm.n d'as&:'-_.^. _,^^ 

injured. :d at i47-5^ m.p.h. 

of poola & gaysars;; for 
Glory; nuch debris. i>; . 
speoiiaens for Ikvy studies. 


- , Rock 

Book purchases, incl. last of "Ecology of tk® 
Coyote". Sales ^Q*9h* 

lU$h5'^ persons duri: 
Oct. ISH4.9. 

:uh, gain of 11.5/^ over 



A. M. Kahn of Pakistan, E. S, Cox of l^^oding 
Hcrtor Club, & Marshall "Tex" Purvis,, farmer 
seasonal ranger. 

Binfcing patrols., Gallatin 
stocking of patrol cabins, 10^0123^,; 
at Moiamoth, eto* 







Tovr seen on r-' "" aonth. 

with 19l}9 of -.,-..--...--. — mges & be.. 
1 destroyed during month. 

Plantings in pirehole. Anminl Fish Planting 
Report. Tobal plantings son. Pishing 

season closed 15th« 





X'K/'if Wmrrrtr- 



, Li'*£vvJ:::xj:is; i\ 

■'.■J wli. 





« ii -v «*«fc«)Xw * t,'jL-«iUv 

'•2f aS l)JiiifficIo KKiHWEim XiA 


^git]z^abi^tfre1nteff!§f Archive 

:;ija^x ?^ 

in 2013 

,. - : Hi 

•SOTO ^'^,XX lo : 

,:i *Xc»e^ ^!S»BMlimsq iooS 

/■iH' ^^Jt-wX' .uTo^-i-G':^ -J^Q^ii^U 

>.' nl-i-jslijp^ ftSiXc 

rll^. V»«'A^-** 


f ' .."l^^I B«8CX0 rtOB-BOH 

nf-'i '.i.- 


• T 




CglBBS i 


Little migration. Hunting season opened j fetf 
taken. ISlk specimens for Dr, Muri®. Reduotion 
plans } trap oonstruotion. 5^ l'J-'''«> requasts. 

Annual Wildlife Census Kepor 

jlquipsaent stoi^d. 2 r jts r. 


BLISTISR HT3ST COHTHOLt Barracks inspected at Can^^on. 




UW J3irP0RC3fil3Rr » 



-lied. Contractor cutting approved for 

^y y,?.co* 

Conferonoe re* 1 


'ISCSLLAl?3(XrS « 

5 holQQts purchased. I^ngins crew trainings punip 
operation session to be haid. Fire truck oquip- 
laent checked* "Hsro" sxbincuishers obtaimdi 
carbon dioBcid© oxtinguishers r8charf,(3d* 

h aotcr Tehicle accidents reportod, one inyolYing 
GovernEent grader. 

Ko cases tried* Slk sho''. ^.^ .-ark in error turnad 
ov«r to ran.^rs* CcREaaiss loner Wilcox away due 
to illness. 

Mjts. Aima 0, Bird, A» A. Tison, Smn P, E.. 
William K. Rush, Charles If. Piioohs, Aaathorj;>- B. 
Ifelson & Harxy Jobss. 

Lawrenoe l&trray, Slectrioian ?ormmn» re^xannsA 

to duty folloTing serious injury. Virginia 
Puller, ssaacnal Stgtis;^^ Clerk, terminated. 
Louis Pyfclosks/a:^ 
Steno., resipiod* 

LoulB Pyfclosk9/^°§?Jrldf^t6hlbrandt, Clerk- 
Steno., resipiod* 

P»B.U. meeting and dance. 













1X74^ • i^^ 

^X - ill 

*»<MS.4B& .|is».3£si:«>ejiv . 








I .-; 

HEmitJHOfirE WM 


Hsport 1ml 






Tot The Dinsetor 

FSrcras Suparlnteudeat , Yollc^stonB l^ticsmX Bark 

Sublet J Mosjthly rmptfrt for Ctetolier 1950 

Pollosriag is the mpcrt of aotiTitiea for Ys llc^rstorse Ifeticsml 
Barfe daricg the mon^ of Ootobsr V^Qm 

'?%ath9r Cox^ittGm*^ Mild and abo^© average teniperaturos pre- 
"9iail0d throu^lintii' tiis' msas^ix With oulj mod[«rat© prsecipitatioa oocurriBg 
mostly durlE^ the last tea days of tiB s«mfch* Th& piaasard; weatljdy "^ms 
cos^eiv® for park risitor tr«iT@l a&i also fe9»t tb© g^aas asijmls In th© 
higher 0l«^natioBfi« All park rcMtds r^^aalae^d ©pan for trav©l througlitMat 
ths month e^icQspt the road bet^s^^n CEd BalthJ^il im& l?@st Thtsab and I>un- 
r^ren l^aa -a^ioh «©r© elos©d <m the 26"^. 

^ixSsim tesap^ture ms '^° ^ t^ IJtIi and tba miims^ ms 
12® on tho 2Bd. total praoipitatitm i%s l^l^l" f«s* tbs mesifeh a& ooi^afmt 
with ths aix-y®ar average of 1.S7". 

Sp0oSal ActlTiti^ « S\3p@riiatoBd9iit Eogers made a trip to Srand 
fotoa HatloBal *P(irk «m (3oiol5©r 5 to coaf»r with Smsoriittoadojit ^Laughlin. 
On Ootobar 9 be atten^d Eotary in Llvingstoii with Chief Imager Skimwr 
assd provided tlis prograSi* Mr. Skirs^r speafcli^ on the northern Y©llo»«togtiB 
alk h«rd progr«sj for th® wintor. Bss loft on f3otobor 12 fer Ya^oaite 
Batitmal Bwri to at toad tl^ ^tiom.1 x'Brk Sorrio© Cofifsaroao© scheduled 
for tho veek of October 16-^1 ^ returning Ootol^er 2? hj ^Hay of Cratar Lake 
Satioaal Bark. Afednistrativo Assistant Joff® -m^ Aetiaag during his 
absosoe as Assistiost SypgnriJitoJident Jc^iEBSton was also avsay fpora th© park. 
Ob October 31 he wbt^, to Livingston to attend the Sll-rar A2miTors,ary 
Cormsxitlen of the Dodo Banchors Assooiation* 

AasistaJjt Suporiatsiuloiit JoJj^ton loft th» |«rk on October 9 
to att«Rd ths lational Bark S^rrioo C£mf@r«BB© in Toaemit© Hatloraal 
l^k, taking 9QB» amnml l^tiro both onrout© to aad tra^ th@ Confore»©o« 
Bs r^sturxtod "fea tha jasrk cm the eTreziing of t&e 29feh. 

Admiaistrativ© Assistant Joff a was on tho proi:gf«2S oooaittoo 
for tho tlviBgston Rotary Club daring tho month of Oetobor aud proridod 
tho prorqrans tm Ootobor 9, 16 aad 50. Ho attonded tha program on tl» 

TM3ai13THin3'5U2 3HT -lO 33i 


P/OlR'BTm BUT '^O TM3^4TFIAq^a 


>{HAq JAl40iTAl-1 3HOTaWOJJ3Y 


f vt««*S? 

'•■je r^^T i.^'W ^^f tM Jl*.^/ ^%\&% im^t^r-'i' ' ^-^P ' .^ %^'. . ^^4 


2nd and spoke during tha neetin^f> On tho l6th h©. Chief Park Katuralist 
Condon and IRintley Child of the Yellanston© Bark Compare provided th© 
procran and on th© 30th he attended and provided two speakers froci 
among persons in attendance at the Dud© Hanohers Convention, I. E. Larcxa 
of the Valley Ranch, Valley, ^-cming, and M, M, Goodsill, General Passenger 
Agent for the Northern Fte.cific Hailssay. He also attended all meetings of 
the Dude Ranchers Convention held frcsn Ctetobor 29 throaxgh Hoveraber 1. On 
October 21 ha raade a trip to Codj% Wyociing, to discuss park oporations 
and concessions with newspaperEjan and officials of tke Cody Club, V^cxaing 
Morfcor Club and "fvroninc CoKHoerce and Industry CcxriRiisaion, holding meetings 
on the 21st and 23rd. Bunitley Child and John liohols of the Yellowstone 
Park Company and Trev Povah of Hamilton Stores, Inc. also attended these 

On October 3 Superintendent Sogers appointed William G, Proper 
as a member of the Yellowstone Bark School Board to succeed Mrs. Charles 
C, Sohmid who left the park due to her husljaad's resignation* The appoint- 
meirfc of }ir. Proper made the School Board consist of W. Verde Watson, 
Chairman; Williajo G. lYoper, Secretary-Treasurer^ and Mrs. Deate T, 7?hite, 

Mrs. T. Paul Wiloooc loft the park on October 11 to move to 
Seattle, "'^shington, for an indefinite period where she expects to live 
with one of her daughters. She accGsnpanied her husband, the park's U. S. 
Conmissioner, as Judce Wiloooc has been in failing health for several 
weeks and was confined to the hospital in Livingston, They left; Living- 
ston on the 13th. 

The fishing season in the park closed at simda?m on October 15* 

The national Park Service Conference "sms held this year during 
the week of October 16-21 in Yoseiaite Hs-tioiml Bark. This t^us the 20th 
such conference held since the National Park Service -sras established in 
1916. Superinbendent Rogers and Assistarrb Suporiirbendent Johnston 
represented the Yellowstone at th© oonfei'snoe. 

The Local Civil Service Board held a special examination for 
Park Ranger on October 20 for which tl^r© was one contestant. Mr. Proper 
held the examinatian. 

Inspect ions . Irving C. Root, former Superintendent; of the 
national Capilal Parks, mshington, D. C, in October 2, out 3. Albert R. 
Stocker, Architect, Region Two, and in charge of oonstruotion of Custer 
Battlefield national Monun»nt Museum, in October 5. Tillard P. Lindauer, 
Highway iUngineer, Region Two, in North October 11, out ll|. Gordon E. 
Lokke, U, S, Geological Survey, Boise, Idaho, in October 2k to visit 
stream gauges, EJdward A. lussael, Superintendent, Colonial Satlonal 
Historical Park, in October 3, out October 5 enroute to National Park 
Service Conference in Yo««mlte National Baric. Charles B. Foster, Sdwin C. 
Chllds and Hal G. Grantham, Auditors, National Park Service, mshington. 

T*HOV8tOT)t' Par!', 

; iA' 

mo-fi aie::^ji&qs o-^f& heb.bro^q bns h^kti^tt^ «rf i!jK>C add" ceo Biis las'iao'sq 

'i© a;^'lit$©is XXjs fea&ieo^^B obI^ ©E ♦•^^srXljaH ollioa*! iX'rextsHoH odv- lol teegA 

uD .1 ied'i3©T<5lS Jrf3l?o•£d!I^ ^S *s©<fod't30 laorft feXod noli'.a©'7SioO a^e^lofsaH ©f>iaQ ©rid- 

Buol^stmp -^'iMi ZBisoBlh od* ^s^iiaD-s^T ^'^^IsoD ©d-- qitrf- j8 ©bjisfr tar! IS f@<fo?f'oO 

62o:^^.'oIXeY i&di lo slodoil ririot, 5fJii MiriO vsIshtsiH .5i.5S fjKjB d-siS ^d& no 

o* er&ai o^ XI i»cfc#90 iso M)^ 0si& ^^l »ooIiW Xtfls?5 .f .«tB 

XjsjievQs '£01 iC;j-X;a«d ^^lXI.el ai iacefed" Siid ^saXiW ^ibj:ft» »» i^saoleaicgftsoD 

«iis^(|l «d# XI© ixo#a 

SiiX*5ti:/& tB&% Blrli feXerf ajs<r ^^ifjin.'gflaKJO sio.Jhn:©8 al^jB^^ Imsol&M ©df 

-;■ -wmia&t^laoo ml& t& ecro^sswoXXeT «d# fM&tla©8*tq©t 
"lol noXs-jan:lj3Bx« Xj8lo.eq3 ® feXarf &*XJI9@ eeinea XliriO I«©©j f^ 

tea^sirO to fsoid-eirstHfltsfto lo ©gijsiit) ai Joas ««mT soxasS ,d'9©;#ifio»5A ^leiood-g 

^'tmsBbitlil .^ j&'xaXIIW • ^l^ •xecfo^eO nt ,,£a«©a»M tetitRiBtGM IjSEcroi^itK BXeHeld-iti!^ 

. «S xK3|j"miS « -jJi© ,XX t®d'©.feiD il^iol ai »©»? noir^^ ^Teeatlj'JcSE, i^^jrfslH 

'J-leiY ©u ^12 tsGod-aO fil ,djf!j8l)I. ,««I©E iX^r*tife. X^oi^oXoei) ,B .U ..oafioJ 

iMioltM iMittQlot) ^tn&bnei&nliBqisE ^lemsM «A biiwl)2; »8©j>.m^, Baarettd-B 

t£t©tBJK-^Jf^»^^ ,,&«>iirs«i: a'tjg*^ tmmt^M ^s'so&ihuA ^&mii&nmi> ,3 X^ M» aljilnO 

■ S " 

D# C, -who hare boen in tha park sinoe August 20, lofb Ootobsj 
Halana, Montana. Aooourtfcine Clerk Clarence S. Bartlett of Grana iqvq-zi 
Hational P&rk In October 27, out 29. Kay Harmon, Assistant Ragioaal 
Forester, Region One, IF. S. Forest Servioa, Missoula, and Edward P, 
Cliff, H©£ional Forester, legion Two, U. S. Forest Service, Denver, in 
October 50. 

In--Seryiee YraJniag . The Weekly Mewsletttir was issued each 
Thursday during the month to keep ©mployoea, concessioners and others 
currently informed on j«irk happenings. 

Publicity , The final travel statistics and story in oormection 
therewith was mailed to the park's mailing list on October 6« 

The Denver Hepreaentative of "LIFE" Magazine phoned on October 
9 and advised that "LIFE" expected to us© a Yellowston© td-irber stoiT" in 
a couple months and sent several hundred pictures taken by their photogra- 
pher in the park last winter for captioning. 

CcmiPlaints . Five letters of ooiaplaint were rooeived in Yellonr- 
stone Hational Park during the month of October, as folloTOi ; (1) unsani~ 
tary condition of cabins at Wast Thumb and Fishing Bridge, (2) lack of 
signs in park, (3) high price of groceries, (k) arrest, treatment and 
conviction on speeding charge, and (5) inadequate camping facilities, 
jTienace of bears to oampeirs, and lack of bathing facilities. 

Plans , Maps and Surveys . Assistant Bark Engineer H^rsh was 
off for thiree wealra on military ajid onniml leave, Sngineer Diek Batcham 
and Sas^ooering Aide l%lter DaVaan fi-OEi the Eogional Office loffc the 
last of the sionth. These laon pive much needed assistance on the physical 
improvea»nt construction prograa during the summer. 

A staff meeting was held to review the studies itsade of the 
Canyon Village Area and further revisions were rm,de to provide mora 
parkixig than had b€»an added by the studies. The p!Lans are being held 
for discussion with Ifessrs. Baker, Robertson and Brown when they arrive 
in the park about Hovamber 6. 

A number of drawings ware worked on during tlio month in the 
Resident Landscape Architect's office, including the Canyon Village Area, 
Canyon Village Preliminary, Canyon Regional Plan, Canycoa Govermaent Area* 
Cai^on Campgroond, Parking Area at Grand View Point, and Lake -Fishing 
Bridge Hess House* 

Maintanaitoe . The first three weeks of the laonbh ware fair, 
but the last weak was wet with both rain and snow. Snow plows were used 
on the 26th and 30th. The Old Pkithful to Thumb and the Canyon to Tower 
Falls sections have bean closed to traffic since the 26th. Also the 
south entrance road* 

'SeEowsi'iKse Jc^^j., w?5>Eife» 

■^frnZlef ni h^yvl: is-oet ff'^mf ^'J •' ' ' 't't ®tH 

hnsi sir- -",'■'■" ' '330>oi'^ Hr"'' 

4j8«-f^. -^ -0 ,txjBX^ r- 

.*5it,- ^w ,.,..^^. :,.^i,oi.v..jifdi' 


Approxlma'-ely 4,000 oubic '^o'd.-:: ^, ,, _.:.... „_^d aj^grs.,...,,^ 
were cruahad during tbs moufeh and 1,00 ' of guard rail cut akd 

hauled to treating taak. 

CMp sealing of the Canyon to To^r Balls section tms coraplatod, 
as wall as 2,2 miles of the Masnaoth " ' "oat t-v: 
Vasmath. to Tower Flails section -wsre ;d sand -„_, . 

The setting of sncw f«nc6 "* ' all 

roads. At tho end of the month onl, _^: ,„„ . _ . ^iitonance . 

The labor shortag© has delayed sara© of our njainfcsnaace operations, but 
roads are going into tb. * l;er in fairly cood ooziditioni 

Kqy Constaruotion . Construction on tho Moran-Tallowatone 
approach road units 1 and 2 was rather slow during tho month due to wet 
woathar. Cleariiig and grubbing on both units is 100^ cosipletaj grading 
on unit 1 about 5P^ complete and on unit 2 about 555$ complete i drainage 
structures arc about 5^^ c«aplote» The contractors on both units " 
good oqulpmeni!. During net wsathar the ssotions under constructic _ . 
difficult to travel. 

Project 1-F3# (^i-* Drainage and Surface Baprovements , Canyoa 
area. Park Service day labor.— All new diisiin pipe installed. Clearing 
of culvert at Canyon Junction completed. It was necessary to remove 
entire pipe for clearing and pipe tms relaid with proper grades 75?^ 
bituminous surface reprocessed and saaledj 95% jsiajor slide removali $Q^ 
rook gutters ccanplete, and 60?^ bitroinous gutter work ocaaploted^ ^t 
weather slowed operations and will prevent; ccaax-sletion of the work this 

Other construction projects underway in the park consisted of 
the follo^ringi 

Account 331*^j» aaployee*s Residence, West Yellowatone.— 
Work on building about 85^ completes ^?« are still aimiting tho delivery 
of the heating unit. 

Account 352.03, l%tor System, Fishing Bridge Cabin Area.— 
Complete except for latesrals to cabins, which are not yet built. 

Account 552.0i4., Sewer Systcan aicteiision. Fishing Bridge Cabin 
Area.— Complete e:jccept for laterals to oabins., i^ich have not been built. 

Account 332.07, "^ater Line Sbctension, Hotel Cottage Area, 
Iak». — ^l%ter lines on east h&lt complete oxcept laterals to cabins which 
have not been built* 

Account 332.08, Sewer line Sjctension, Hotel Cottage Area, 
Lake.— Sewer lines on east half of area complete except for laterals to 
cabins which have not been built. 

TffljC'^-'^'^':'- ^'''•■. WyotU'tev 

.Q&B',$&v%-^s bsMi Bimxm "|^^c 'it' ^h'xsi'i oicfuo 000,4 *^X©'*jecrt3so'xqgA 

»:^S3iffo:' xso foe- r'#A ■■»efeaot 

«gjsaau:jg«t6 i©i^©Xq©o« 5^5 jJ-mocTa S ^ iso hvLm «:l"eXqwo«5 ^0<J ji/oi^fi X -^iimi no 

»vxsi s^'iim rl^cd J3K5, ^'^t- -—^■'■-- .■■^■■'- .-■■^•"■(■qinDo ^jD?] ^wecfe ©Tust c-- --■-'~- — 

#X<nrrs^ 0* srXwoilixfo 

^^ l©£>B*rS 'J"..«M|0'tq .#I"sr |jl«I©*: if.. ..; Ma -iol ©q. iv'-jts) 

-- •jeaift sldaO !&;01'sS ^tiMisH »jS!»v''eYSi te^fcalS" *I5^«S^?' issjo&ok 

Account 352.09, Fi2^ Meter at Old Faithful.— ¥ork eomplet©. 

AccouKb 3352,10, Fir© Meter at Mamnioth., — ^Work about 50^ complete. 

Account; 333 'Ol J Campground Sstsnsion, Fishing Bridge and Old 
fVithful. Work about 50^ cosiplete. 

Aooounfc 352«3Li» Sewag® Disposal Syst^a, Uke Area.-- Ssptic tank 
ccBiplato. Pump House about 75^ oomplote. Tbu ineh foroe line matorial 
on hand. 

Account; 333.02, Utilities, Tables, Fir® Places and Caafort 
Stations, Old Faithful Camp Ground. — Poiar camfcrt stations ocaaplotod and 
laatsrial for four additional on order, '^ter^ sewer and street lights 
oompleted on middle loop. 

Account 323.12, art ens ion Campground Head, Thumb Camp Ground. — 
Material on hand. 

Account 217.01, Staorj^ncy Rehabilitation, Trail.--" • ° 

n&lk eoapleted* Old bit\aainous imlk to be removed. 

Acoount 523.13 » Construction Lookout Trail.— Tmil cleared and 
partially graded. 

Account 531.04, Fire Lookout, Dirid© Creek.— Advertised for 
bids, but rejected because bids were too high. 

Acoount 523.01, Campground Roads, Old J^iithful.— Two loops 
cleared, third partially cleared. One loop g3:*ad0d and base surfacing 
placed <m one loop. 

Account 323.03* Trail Terminus, Grand Tiew.— Work on overlook 
ccsapletej parking ai«a still to do. 

Account 523.Q^4.» Construction Roads and ^Iks, Fishing Bridge 
Cabin Area iaxtension. — Clearing and grading OQmplet©*> Storm drains in 
place* "r -" 

Account 323.06, Constructirai of Hoads and 'lalks. Lake Hotel 
Cabin Area. — Grading on east lialf complete and about 2^% complete on 
West side; 1,100 feet concrete curb in place j scm© base surfacing placed. 

Account 523. 08, '%lks. Barriers, Gratings and Signs in Thermal 
Areas.— Si^is on hand, barriers and gratings completed in place j about 
300 feet of wood walk placed, and material on <xrder for additional ^mlks. 

Accoimt 551 •^» 31k Trap and Abattoir Construction, Lamar.— 
Material on order, and road built. 


•CC'T'.C iii ftf> '''rr irt^ 

•— .liiiflQ'TJ qJXBv QiSJiXra. ,^iJO.!^ iC5i:'Sn>,'siSBv iW^'iy^tiSr?;^ (.jiis c^s^C -•''i^ 



hSS.J5 frfetOSfeJCai A,;j!ni— »A-i/iTi vr!iJivJS-^uy>4 4;it'A-vfPi^'iH«Ay'-' tC^fvi^ 


sqocl <!>-wT—*l£/5;.''l!^iJc^ feIG .afejaoH £f£S,t>T:sqi5t«D .,10. ^S? .tit; -T.-t. •>.'.. 

:iQQl%&-m axil ^*sfi^#— •»w«iV Imif0 »aa3xxjsra«^ XisrxX *^«§S^ (feB;;;ooj>A 

.K-*«»*'%9B».-i . ■ :^j8ntii'»jsc''' '>s&A kern qjn'. -- ,. ^airoosii 


Account 531,06, Sllr Trap and Abattoir Constnaotion, Crystal 
Ci"*©!:*— Material on ord«r. 

Account 231,01, Repair Heating Plant, Building 5/4.— Work 
placed under oontract, bit actual work not started. 

Account 251,02, Repair Ilsating Plant, Building I3,— Work 
placed under confcract, but actual work not started. 

Account 231.05, Hereof Building Ho, 20,— Woric 1:0, ocrapletod. 

Account 231,04, liceroof Btailding Ho. 21,— Work not started. 

Account 231,05, Reroof Building Ho, 22. — ^Work not; started* 

Account 232,01, Replace Penstock Pipe. --Same repairs mad©. 

Account 33^*05» Mess Ball, Road Camp, Lake Area,— Foundations 
poured and "nails in place, 

Copoessioners , The Yellowstone Bark Company has confeinued 
work on the Lake Dining Roca reconstruction and lake Lodge girls dormi- 
tory until the end of the nonth and then all of their lake cre'wis ifwr© 
discontinued. Work is now being ocmoontrated on the MaraHioth laundry 
building and dormitory, 

Howard Brofwn, Manager of Hotels for the Yelloerstcaie Parfr 
CcBiiparQr, departed from the park for California on October 3» ' 
Hiohols, President of the YellowstcaaB "^rk Ccanmny, paid a visit to th® 
office on October 5» 

The Old Paithfsil eafoteria, tourist cabins and garage closed 
on October I3 two dajrs earlier than originally planned. Infonaal 
aoocstmiodations and meals beoanie available at the C« A. l^iQilt^a Lo'^ver 
Store beginning October I5 and lasting until the end of the monbh -iihen 
the store ims closed and the erews departed on the 31st, 

The lake Store closed on October llj., 

Mr, J. 3. Haynes, President of Hijrnos Ino«, mewed to his 
"Winter headquarters at Bozomui on October 19* 

Heligious Seiryices and Chapel Use , Regular Sunday School 
serrioes were hsld in the lellowstone Part Chapel on each Sunday at 
10*30 a»JHi» Hev. 3. A. Syas of Livingston, Montana, visited the Tellovr- 
stone I^rk Chapel on the 8th, 22nd and 29fch. On these dates h® conducted 
non-soctairian Protestant services at 7*30 P'^i* "Bxtf* Tfebster Clement of 
Livingston, Montana, oonduoted Lutheran services in the Yellovratone Bark 
Chapel on Monday evening, October 23, at 7:00 v^m* 


3J-soW-«-.4^ ^MlsiS »diiaX*5 3al#is«^' tijiq[©£ ^lO^I^S *ajras©4. 

♦^«joW-— ,51 s^tlBIiifi ,^^1*1 gciif-jseil -ttjqefi ,90»X52 ;teiK>»oA 

*ij©*oXqiMD© W tii-soW—.OS «oI 3cl5Xii:€ ^oo-jcefi ,l^#i;^S ^ssmooA 

• sfciijK atljE^s^ ®B©E»-.«qH ioo^axsefif ©ojelqeS tiCSFS itewoooA 

fmoi^ahmsffi'^»Jt&i& mad tV^ bjisoK <^llM aaoM t^OtJt^^^itu^^oA 

••o^tq isi sXijRr fma betuoq 

.' vnmf swirio ©iDs-X 'il»Hi 1© I.X. " " ■ ":'-:"»n[r »«(»)■ ^ ' 

,M ^W .iffl »5 tadOvJ-gO me «Jtjrjto1iXj»0 tuA. :itjsq arid- SiD-rt: JbesHsqeb ^-^jiMqisoO 

h'Stm>ttf ■ ' ' ' • -. '. ^ji^ ■ ' ItfidS' '" ufiT 

«i*{, fft:>»^si ,»aKX ssa^ii^ lo *ts«iikJE8o'£^l .hqoe^a^^ • -•■". 

^dlfftS '^afeswe l»X«a©S «©aU £»^S_ /joja s&o_f 

-W&XX,^I . , .A ^?: *■ 

'>o JsetK^'XO -^ ' ^^'- .:V»iI •la.q O^iV -' "'"'"^ ' "^'' 

i|«K-orw ^■iTs^ i^H^ftmrn^ 

Infeerprotije Sorsdcos . Chief P&rk Hatumlist Condon preaanfeed 
a progreun oa th© 16th to the Livingston Rotaiy and at that time projected 
tha Ford Conpany notion piotur© on Yellowstone Baj*. Thar© mtTQ no 
othor outside activities or programs oonduotod by th© division and tl^r« 
ivoro no interpretive aotivities at field stations, Tha miyside ©achibits 
wsro a-TO.ilablo to park visitors throughout the month. 

A set of one hundred 2x2 oolored slides on Yelloiirstoaa FBrk 
w»ro sent to Mr, Morgan Levelle of Van Uuys, California, on loan for his 
use in presenting a series of talks cax Yellowstore Naticmal Park. 

l&isevTO Aetivities and Sxhibits » All museums ■'mro closed 
during the month of Oetober and by the 27th it -was deemed desirable to 
place shutters on the imyside exhibits. All th© siussiaa buildings Tsere 
braced during the month for winter and all exhibits and exliibit cases 
irere covered with sheeting for the inactive use period of thsse units. 

A bull elk skull and antlers "smre sent on indefinite loan to 
the Midwood High School in Brooklyn, lew York, for their \is® in the 
Science Department there. 

Hq search and Gbaervation * On October 1 Chiaf fkrk Kiaturalist 
Condon "Hont into the field with Mr» Srwin Verity of the Vfelt Disney 
Productions for the purpose of obtaining tap© rooordings of sounds laade 
by animals, ©specially the bugling of elk. A brush tape recorder isas 
used Trith a storage battery supplying the power and a converter to con- 
vert the power to altejmating current. This unit ^^rked satisfactorily 
and soiae tapes were obtainsd. On October 2 Mr» Verity pemitted the 
Haturalist Division to make tape recordings from the sounds which he had 
obtained and a good reel of bear and coyote noises is now on file. 

Cn October 3 ^oid k tlie Naturalist Division, in cooperation 
with the Protection Division, isent into the field and collected five 
representative bull elk specitaens for use Isy Dr. 0, J* Murie in his 
study of the elk of United States as ecrapared to those of Ifow Zealand* 
On October 5 fow^r fine speciowiLS were killed by Assistant Chief Ranger 
Leon Svans. Working on the project were Chief Park Haturalist Condon, 
Park Haturalist Vfetson, Assistant Chief Hanger SJ^ans, Storekeeper Sd 
Sohults, Dr. 0. J. Murie, Dr. Darling and there was some help given by 
District Hangers Stevens and Sla. The locations where the specimens 
WBre collected on the 3rd were as follows : one young bull near Horris 
Junction, on© roaturo bull near CJanyon Jiinetion, one old bull on the old 
13ast Sntrtinoe road, and one young bull near Squaw Lake. 

The additional specisaen needed to aake the total of five was 
collected on October h by Condon and ©vans near the Three -ittile camp- 
ground near lake. It was a fine mature bull. The hides and heads of 
these anliials were given to Dr. Murie for research purposes and the meat 
frora all the animals -was turned over to the Storehouse for use in Govern- 
ment mess operations. The tine selected to carry out these collecting 

Tf«l<r<we!iue© '.■•^Hi, «;'^!»*3** 

be#0«.to*«i: er^^ '^JSiia^ !^s 'iMM '^M^?t m>&B^i- , -- ..: ^.-^ -' Jj nmx^^'^ 

QSi m.m^ »'s;©rl* ^±iM ©jscrf-aTasXXeY ss.0 isrw&olq no>#om '^jtmmO bio'^ ©rfi- 

. ■ .^^:l& ;.©TE«w mmm^jm. ISA, :.»mticfiii)oH ^isja- £^^.-*'^-'j|3£ ibi»«j^_ 
©"jf $Xf5j8'siaeJb fcarai^eJb ass? ^1 fC^f^'^SO"^ &n^' ~" "" "■ ^" "Mmm &i-^ snliyh 

, ^tkmi @i»«rf,# Id ii©>i0q ©asf m^tiiMtl eatid' Trot s^lrf^^iBlj! ili^Jbr Se-xevoo s-sew 
## iisoX ©^ijcit^el)ai ISO ^,«a s^aw aiaXditeii feo* Hisla. :^X© XXwrf A 

'^^ey3>.8iCI ri"!®^ s>ii# 3*1 ^■I'wV £%lvHil ♦x^. ..>-. ^•^^.. .-.- ..■.-..-.. . ,.,^-. imiteot) 

r^jaRf? 'loBio&S"! aq^i xlamtf A ,2?l8 I0 '^iX:\iJiS mi's vlXiilGeqro «» '^' 

• ©XH: axi "KitJft »i a©sloix ©^te^eD bn^ t^m 1:o leei fcoos J» &WJ 1>ok1jbMo 

■ »hi M H'uM ^Xi *0 ».t0 ^^ «kS» •xo^Bri&nijJSi'qti 3IX© IIM erli'Si&n^nfnqm 

i©;s;nisS i«XrIO v>"ay8;J"aXsisA "^ hnlli.ii fei^^ aasririoeqa eci^ tijol ;? i&tSo&rf £0 
jicj^iaoO s-siXjartwit^ :^.iM leiiiO ©-iwr ^tfttcxq ©rfii- no aitbltoiiT ,8itav£I 0a©J 

aii«ijrd?jaqe sd# e'S4tfS«r ®iiei#«a>oX ©cfi' ♦aXS h^ta --i-oi.Tc'-BJfn 

glT*ol2 %3©;i XI««f BSJJOTj ©j3®: lawKsXX:!?! ajs ©i«R5r i>'.-.^ .>..« i.^u !.= .;-„..>,,,XX<3» s-jtew 
Met M# jsas Xlmf Mo mao ^im.ttmml- m''-';'?**^ ^^sf^^r ir^rrf €fffrd*.tf?' -^nso ..tioid-axrA 

■ : ifco ^'r--^' '^-'•'' •^-f-'- (siTT MllrM mrs&Mi Mil". *• r..,-- ,..,. , .,:.^:. 

.cj ;. '^\.{ K.' 00 vii ; w jLi w£xi 


operationa rws most opportune tovqc. t5ae of ths 

season -when specimens oouid b... ..... ..aslly ..,..,«^^,....,r.,.u. .... , Wari& imr " 

pleassd with the skulls and skixtB supplied him. and it ym.B most fc. 
that weather conditions ware ide - eollaoting with stic! 

Cta Ootoher 3 JPi?"© trumpeter swan were observed on the 3»ach 
Spring lagoon, and one of these birds shoiTed brilliant red on its mck 
and broast. Observations with binoculars ^ • •■-^led tkat by seme usans 
tha lower inandiblo had boon torn off and ""'.si^S "^y ^ shred of sldln 

down the neck. Fresh blood had 0¥©.r the whit® feathers of 

bird and' all over its broast, an*.. ....v. dripping to the ice surface 

of the lagoon. District Eanger Stevens h«d rf*ti3r2»d to Lake statior. to 
obtain a soall caliber rifle, but csefc^ turn the bird in c 

with others flew out onto the big lake ci... ..^u act return^ so oou. 

b© killed and relieved of its tragic condition. The bird eventua . 
had to die since it could not feed and was in a pitiful condition. A 
careful survey of the area w&s made "by Dr» l^tirie and Mr, CoBdon and 
evidence in the snow and on the ice revealed that ths bird had appaj^ 
landed on open trnter on the lagoon, he owt onto the ice, had 

traveled across it and cam® out onto tii.; 4.^ <dj stopping to rest !• - 
eral places leaving a crimson stain in the snoiii'- froci the fraah bl 
each place where it Imd stopped* It had then gon© out onto the i 
that is where it was seen by those who ''':- — ^-' -rar this water, ■^^onsi.d- 
erable speoulaticm as to th^ cause of was carried on by 

observers with the general opinion that the bird had hoQU. shofc either 
outside of the park or inside the park and had flown to this spot. The 
injury had occurred only recently sime th©r& was still very frosh 
bleedljag frcsn the wound, 

Piark Naturalist Watson on Ootobo 
paoe a flock of gees© alooag the Telloi^ston© i^iver with a 
apeedoraeter recorded a speed of froEa }^ to 5''^ miles per nm-r .cor cncse 
gieese which were flying in a smooth aiid effortless manner. 

The days of the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 20th, 23rd and 2l|bh 
were given ever by meitfbors of ^<i division to .making geyser eruption 
observations and to obtain satisfactory pictures of saany of these hydro- 
thermal features. In addition to this much work -w&s acocaapl* ' "■ toimrd 
the cleaning out of debris from maiQr of the pools, springs a _ jser 

Mr, George Marler and Mr, John Heaton worked tiufoughout th© 
BfflLjor part of the month of October on cleaning debris frcKi the hydro- 
thermal areas and oonoentr-ated their efforts at the Ih:.. " " Geyser 
Basin, Horris Geyser Basin and the Upper Geyser Ms in* 

CSi the 11th an attempt was made to bring about an eruption of 
tha Horning Glory Pool so that it could clear itself of debris, A 3J>- 
tnoh fire hose -was used in ajn attempt to siphon ■mA^v froa it. This 


■: .'.K,, &&^ 'W mitt %liS;& M'^ ocf «r.# b-mti^sq, fxs.s muj^^utq^p .^^m -am? ntioiijrtfiqo 
^...0^#,■.. d!^m Miff ^iJ^aeXi^o "^1 Im^k &i0W &t0MiMi&ii iiadJ^JB«^ ifaarf* 

ithia 'ioJ;M0*x»ie ^'i ^^^S- *i<*^ him f^ mat m^HrJ hsd 0lK.(lbaxm i«®»»X «d;*- 

o'# sm^iMi^n eaf^^at..lMii6rst^^".£ &«4 a«:*T€>irB ^fgutja^ ^oj^ijJ-aiG ^eLoojiBl &df 1o 
rf'Qis ii! ■■■■ -" '-" ■':-&% -Jm bify hnx, ^ai. iW ;!i^ ^^wo #i/o -K'si'i s^jc--- ■■■ 'tjtw 

i>a*5t' ^ajt esf?7 «^^o i^7>» fe»Sf>;g ssfft'- &««{ ^1 »i>»qgoit! Mff ;:^i «*c».r6r ©ojdLq rlcs^t! 

od- y^im/t^oxs^ ts^ .kfd. C *s©cf«^GO iter m>&ts^' #»Jtij8rai#j&i ahJSS. 

sx?i /anjB T.BO /t .d:<'i^-? •i©'?!-'^! scrcc^ai-GlIeT mi^ ^pola »«s#3 .Ho 3I00XI g sojkt 

i^ih"^' '—■ &^^ *J5^^«^ ^i^rjsl ,rf*i:x i£is?ai<ij^;: ^,:<.. ... ^^Ki; .v,.., . 

"07iy^ ©smir. ^e -^.asi' lo ssis'iw^j^tii ■^csss'^^ii'ii^^-^ri BlM(ioM.t:hsiM a££ai3-iSTTc»8^«> 

I>-ts^'.X''st .&©4«.*Iqcs&«>0iis sjg«r ^-TifW dm^- &M^ ot Si^l±ihbz ttl ^ae^l-:'-. • '■ '; --■ '-' 

*f.®.rpS liiRfiif^ :fer' -'-'■■ fs a*h?ol1& iloii;?' &e:J"jnr^--- ■"-■■: -•■•■ - *■ - --v etirf- 

.: -scfeftf ♦^x saet^i rE»^4sr 'iMMSql®. ©itf- jjigooa'tts jsta at hnnia »mr 9uml e^*i Aval 

-iJifim^' .i*!»^ ace9BiMie5* 

did not work eatisfiactcirily for thg hos® would. '.mtom sliihor».inf>: 

action started* On. the 20th &r!c'" :-^i^ a" 

eruptlcaa of tho ^ralug Glory FfK,.. .. . ■ ■'•'-■^^■■, ..^v.. .-. 

Twr© lowared and hot "water brought to th< ss 

condition vTOuld danralop ishioh would hr^:n: spring* 

Qa this day five ia»n used scoop sliovai^ ,.._^ ^^^ . ,^, ,^^^.,, liorj' 

Pool and after sovaral mlMUctes Itsmc ator igvel three it}wh<<»s. A 

vigoroiis boiling aeticna starfeed tTi-- .j-imryQ of fmtsr in -^ 

and an CTrerflow of water an. all sid^^ ..-.»h a rosoimding thtsapiii^ 
ground area by apparently ooxuSensed etoam bursts at dteTyfehp* It r^ 
thought thnt Moming Glory might erupt. The violc rui 

action of tho imter in tht pool brought; t" ■•"^'-^ '^ '- ^„.„v ..,,- ker- 

chiefs, pa|»r sacks and other articles oi ©T^nt I© 

to furfeher stitoulate action but the i 

did not erupt. By this tiae it was ^.,., „-„„.. ... ,.,,,, .v.>.,v,... = .,.^...- -./.;:. on 

KoBday, October 2^ another atteeapt msald he imd© to Biplion tha xmtor dosm 
to a point -whero eruption would occur. 

On ths 23 rd 3Rark J^turalists Vfe t l^ooo 

feet of coBaraon garden hose« and thi . Is 

at the Madison lluseum and Old l-laitl 

linas from the interior of Morning ■>m-. 

Siphoning action was started in the of -kmrn 11 i,m« 

and all of them were flowing water ..- .^^^ 

about! 1,200 ^llonfi of water per hour 
Glory Fool in this xuanner. In addition .0 tka 
sherels were used to bail water fror ' - ' ^'-'^ 
imter level had been lo^rered about 
stes^n bursts ih9js felt a^in in a si 
on Friday. The water in the pool V a^ i 

and the tmter lerel rose rapidly iri be^a 

pool 8 ides o This continued for about 2 r , Cot 

was brought to the surface from the bc'-*^ - 

pleked off tram the surface as they fl 

Before the siphoning operatic-- — -- ' — ■- tho teriv-^-:'-- '"""^ 
takaa of the water aaa it recorded 1^' . 5 th® Tiolsr;; 

ing began to develop in the pool th® tempoi^turo -m.^ a^min talasn and 
registered 19i!+°P» Afber the period of uriolenfc ■'■-^^— -nd tsro miawtos 
of overflow tho action in the Morning Cdor:^'' ^^-c. , quloted ^<ymi 

and the water level dropped to sorae 18 imhes Wi(M t of th 

Tho siphoning action of the 12 garden ■'^''"■•~' •■•^ "-ntiia.-.^i.- aat the ■.«-,-..>5:' 
level did not seem to lower any furthe. apparent tJ^t tha In- 

flow of water »e«eaed to be altaost balancing the oirfc-flcRir. In view 

fact that it ms so late in the day Park "■'-■' lists viaxc--- -r-r'i Uptoii 

left the seene and rotuiiaed to park headr :j. Georr "J** "f^iO 

•mA wtarking with than, r^tvtmod to Old %ithf».ii, loavla{: -> con- 

tinuing the siphoning action. Scaetimc ' - - 53]^ and vy^ju,- ^ . i* 
Homing Glory Pool erupted in tho dark. Geors© J^arler r©tan»d 

...._ ../,,:... .... 1^ ite... .,.,,. ^I .100^' rsiv....-- ;.-.-.-.-.. .:.,. ,^.-.- .. 

A '■•S-l': r--0^^' I'ar^f -T^i^iTW «if# fclTllWWjI ' 'ttW •«»#*ljJ ^ILft Jt«d*5 

"ik;-....,- ...... .. ..-. .».. ..-...^.. ..^. 

ti... . . ,..-. .. ..... .-.:. :■... .^.... ,. ■■.,- ■• ::- . ■. .^ .-•. •■ 

CiOO^I #|»o1t ':^^<J# I20'.W ltfr«■■ff&l^#i^^*#BiI*«/i!^J^^ #$i!ll''jE»llf!&'**0-^ 

tj((-(^ is?!f|^*?*vw>r ft# C0«is^ ^# itl- \rl,|> ©iK3>*s l#vi^Jf •'mt'im «»??* f»<t^ 

Wr** ^vO(» *-W.»^»t. ; 

-ill "SJ!!^ ?^Jjf!t ^z- 

■^?»-f ■?!«* o^^ 


-■ win w ii WMi i 

at about 6«20 p.m. and the eruption !md "been eocipleted \fith. considsrable 
aviddnoe on all sides tlmt a larro -" - of vm^ter aiid debris had been 
ejected from Morning Glory. As n©a ould ba detsmiliied tli© %mter 

level in Koming Glory was domi out of eight although tl» infe©nse stoam 
vapor made it difficult to dotorniim ;5uet how far dcrnn "^ ' s. 

On tho follosring morning the water level ir liory had 

reached some ife- to 5 foet below the " of the top ajid the ground 
aurftioa around the pool ms littere _: bris of ail kinds which had 

been thrown out by the eruption. The aiain force of the eraption had 
carried a large voluae of luater and debris i Shvmy frcBa the 

pool. Large amounts of silt and sand had be; _ ..,.: .rcxa Jamming Glory 

Pool, along with all types of rubbish. This had wished dcmn into the 
nrohole River and had h&^n auffioi- build a siaall delta out isrfco 

ths stream. Tha better part of the ,,„^- /as spent h^ '^<.^ .=?-.>,^ TJpton and 
J&wler in oleanins up the debris around t!ie Horning C -ea 9'nd 5.n 

salvaging fro© the satj-d and sand coins sjid other natar , 

Mr. Marlor reported that a hasty count of ooins reoovot . ,, ,..,.,,. 
sceae 197 •34. This fi^ro will probably bo different -prlien an a 
check is made. In addition to the ooins thor© lims a largo quantity of 
tax tobsns of all types and shapes, and all kinds of odd poobet pieces. 
There Tsere over 80 handkerchiefs reoovsrod, several towels, s<xm imsh 
cloths, inany pieces of *HBarine; apparel, several 'boQy:' -ersoll 

■watches, a Hotre Dam© football pondant, pocket Icnivos, :--.^.^v v,..vib8, 
souvenir coins, -whistles, sun glassos and a varietur of other itoias, Tho 
tax tokens collected filled a 5 pound can. A deta ' ;po.rt on the 

eraption of this spring and the debris ejected fro;, .^,. ...n bein^: prepared 
by Mr. !iarler for the reco2■^is. 

On the 13th Park Naturalists Condon and 'Upton irsads a ,. ^=- .. „; 
trip to the Lake area and on this trip attended to sons work needed to 
be done at the Pishing Bridge Ifuseum and cabin area* In 
this they juade ctoservations on the -iTildlife ?, -,,-,4.. .-,,,. 
these. ha.rr:e roo&ors of geeso were observed 

River and at the Mary Bay - Beach Spring lagoon area. Trumpeter swan 
were photographed on the Yellowstone Riif^r, as were sacss of the other 
water fowl. Several muskrats ware seen along the river betiiseen Lake 
and Canyon. Bison vmro seen in Bayden Valley and at Mary Bay. A flstsiily 
of tliree otters were watched for seme tixi© in the vicinity of the 
Chittenden Bridge and some l6oim uiotion picture fils; -was exposed of then 
even though it was very late in the day» 

Five moose "WBro observed in Willow Park on October 15, 
of these isore cows and one a bull. On the 3**^ *j^c 
were watched for soras time at Pelican Creek. One oj. b;^,. u._~ 

nificent bull,. 


■■^jKiytn-ttfifjm.'*- ».v '*'. ■■'"., • 6 "* Jf' 

-'''mG4 hs>r' ■ '„:.'■-- -•:■•■-■' "-- mml'&r m'^'&^ j&tM^'- -■■'^rs ..XIjs isa oc---'--^- ■- 

r ■ - ■ -m qp& ^:' - -'^-•- --''■ '-'-' -'■?^'x ? o-^ - ' -- 

Iwi: ■ XIjr lo ■ . Xooq - 

*Zi^'sd.fl .:>o 'to !C- v • .. ■ . ,., ilJ5 '* 

t»df5»o ;J-f3etvoq jajsTLnil stdoc^ ^j^jr\ , 

ejijj" ' ' ■ ■■ ^i ^ B ' ' "' ■ " 

os^ sx>tty " • ' ' ■■ ■'■■ ■ ■ ' ■■'" ' ■ ■ ■ ' 

■^a m&& -. .- - ,.- - ,, — -. ^- - 

a.Mw& •? " •■tt :.ji»ifrz.« txao^/sX "•■ ' " '■ ■«.€ ~ - " 
,., il8d?h5 ^,._. _-: ag®a &*?:8W ea »-:»v ._ • , ■ yIJ.»I 

«rf^^o •-,/--. _ .■ ^- .._ :; -sol i;- - . .. , 

<fcr; ^ " ■ • ' ■ • 

' iJn^P/:' 

•.ii*r*<^'^ri'.. ,;^'»s«<*i«B)tt*«i'*'J( 

On a trip ocBaplr' ' ^ " ~ - Chief I^rk 7 list 

Condon on th« lUth only t^v .. : ,®d^ Both c ....^ao 

ware brown in color and <xm ims seen at th& Oerhaaglng Cliff and the 
othsr at Duok lake* The sasic ale -were again s Bark Ifeturalist 

Upton in the same rioinity on .. ^Sth. 

On tlie 17th Park laturalist l%tsoR a- • Ilstturalist Upton 

collected speeiiaana of obsidian sands, voloanio ...,. and traTertiaa. 
There -was 100 pounds or more of each of these speoimens collected as 
samples -B^iich were sent; on the 19th to Dr» lane" F. Winterkorn of 
Princeton, Hew Jersey for use in research studies being oonduoted by 
the U. S. Navy. 

Ifeitural Hiatory Aseooiation . The last of the publication 
"BcoloQT of the Coyote ^sor® purclmsed by the Yellovratone Library and 
Ifcjseim Association for resale. Only I5? copios of this hoc ail- 

able • 

Book sales during the aoirbh vmr® as f s Yollor/stonB 

Ifeitional Parks ^14.0. 91+, 

A large nuaber of books, pamphlets and other r 
purchased by the Association for the Yelloisston© I^k Li^.. ....,' .. 

Increase or Deorea. s e in Ti ^yel * A tobal 01 
enbered the 'paj5c' "•feYils month as compared with T-.^-n ^ i9I^9 

or a gain of 11»5^» All entranoo approach r except 

the Sed Lodge-Cooke road which was closed to -Qx'&.vel on th<a first * T 
through the south entraaoe was greatly curt-.a""^'^' nv'- £»fr*— , ..--v. 
due to the construction work on the approaoV 
south entrance. The pleasant and favcsrac 
for the increase in tararel this year over ^ - .«:;. ^^^i ^ .^ .i . 

/A. M. Kahn* 
Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Food rlculture, 

GoTemoent of Beikistan, in October 8, out 9« 3. S. Cas* -ax^ai^er, 

^cfttiag Motor Club, Cheyenne, %GBiing, in October 25, out 2.6* Marshall 

"Tex" Punris, seasoiial ranger in 1928 ard 19S9/. in Oc 

Ranger Service. The chief ranger anf 
made nuraerous ins pe onions of activities in ths 
the progress of ^vork assigiaments* Sktensiv..' .■..>.. ?.u ^j.^^ ^.^^ <■...„.,■.... ...■o...v> 

maintained along all park boundaries where hunting mis -nArmitted on the 
outside areas. The Thorofare Station was manned t ath although 

hunting activities in that area largely termiaateu c. ;...«.. ..... .iddle of 

the month. In fact, there has been oomparativoly lltt.i© hunting aotivitj' 
along the northern boundaries due to scarcity of c- eirbrtmce 

stations -Kioro manned during the laajority of the raoi.... imitod highsmy 

patrols have been carried on to assist late park visi ti much as 

possible. A geiae oheokiag station at the park boundary on the Gallatin- 


jTsedrqir ^alJjBiwJ-j^ ^fej^ iss^s aesiJ'ji^/ t&l£js*m;^M 

mm s0' 


•Xi#!?B #^*t«f ;^o0 aiiiii 

■■i^s^ T<efc.,^*«^' 

igjij;©!.., &# ,i^#.' 

• Zu.^''^'' "''•" " '**■ -"■* "»=*^ ■ 



^eti '":' 

^d^ bim iwic '"it*f:«tq;u »#> ito ^'»!KM 


Bjffi-lw. .VV-' ■^■^■'i ,>'*^:»'*''-^ 









3i»;i:^O0£io is,m' 


Wast yellcRTstoDQ road has baen maimsd 2I4. hours & day since the opening 
of the Montana hunting season in that area. This station is partially 
raannod by park personnel and partly "by Montana State jaen. All patrol 
cabins -were prepared for -winter use with rations being packed in and 
wood and repairs being laado. The ground crew occipleted the fencing in 
of the araall trees and shrubbery at park hoadquartara during the moiath. 

Wildlife and Fish Cultural Activities * BULItS. A few boars 
oGotinued to frequent ths roads during early October but these •w«r© not 
seen later in the month. Ho personal injury was caused by bears during 
the month but a black bear broke into buildings at Old Ikithful on four 
oeeasiosas and mas destrc^^d to prevent further depredations. 

Bear Incidents I949 I950 

Personal injuries 47 5a 

Property damage 26 l0 

Bears killed I6* 25** 

** Includes 5 bears accidentally killed 
♦ Includes i4 bears taken for lauseum speoii^ns 
and 1 accidentally killed » 

FISH, The only fish planted during; the morrbh -mre 18,000 fi^. 
Loch Loven trout placed in the Fireholo River on October 12 and I5. 
The Annual Pish Planting Report was suteitted on October 20 and showed 
that fish were planted in park ■waters during the 195^ ssason as follo^JSB t 

Blaokspotted trout 




Loch Leven 


JiJastem Brook 


Bontana Grayling 




The park fishing season closed on October 15« 

JSU!, Sotae raoveiaent of elk out of the suHSoer range areas in 
Belioan Creek and Hayden Valleys to the higher parts of ths winter 
ranges was noted after the heavy snowfall late Septenber, This movement 
continued during October but the migration -wfas a {gradual one as weather 
conditions were quite mild. Ho migration of elk fr<m. the park to open 
hunting areas vm.B observed. The gexwral elk and deer hunting season 
opened in Park County and Sallatin County, Montana, on October I5 but 
hunters took few anlimls eoccept sceie which remained outside the pa2^ 
during the susiraer. 

Park rangers collected five bull elk on October 3 «tnd k for 
Mr, 0. J, Murie, Jackson, Wsrotaing, These speclaaens are to be used in 
connection with comparative studies of Rocky Mouirfcain elk and those of 
Hew Zealand whioh have developed frcm animals introduced frcBQ the United 

i^.L^^i'imi ml i;mXM.^% aiiff *M^tB ■ifmiS irl jso-Sbc-' <---■■•—■'•' Qfiad'aciM orfd" !« 
'. iiK^ itl h^t)^ 32:1^' «HsB<x#j« f'l'il'itf ©isuLf la^lw .lolt l^s^Ejaq^a^sj ©isnir attic'a-o 

- #^jt -«»«#« artx^ £i» 4s«?JsoIa nosij^i^G ^ax^i^iU-x s.xflu^ feii 
1^ tM9^» ^^m *immiu ^i J0 ^^m^ M)» Isa ta^amrtm mmSi *%M 

- ^fUm^M dam mMiMii'l 

Plans wero foramlated to Garry out the Director's last ructions 
to r«fiovie 5»0QO to 3»h^^ ©3Jc fl*aBi the noirfcharn YellotTOton© herd hy 
operations to be oarriod on -vvithin tha pai'fe. A sitr. -rnv » new trap near 
Lajsar headquarters was selected, plans for the tra_ toir were 

dratra up, and the area staked out so that oonstruotion oaii ocsmmiv: 
soon as laat© rials ncfvr on ojrder aro received. Planas also ^ifsro nadw .^ 
place the Ciystal Creek trap in operation condition, iteaunition for 
direct control operations "Has ordered and other steps to perait 

starting the operations at the earliest tiiae that yme... '-^ snovr condi- 
tions appear favorahla. Requests for 5^ livo oik hare b .roved and 
additional requests are expected "before trappin^j operatioria oaa "ba started 
late in Decemlaer or early in January. 

CESSUS, The knima.! Wildlife Census Report for Yelioisrgtone vm.3 
submitted on October 20. Ifuch of the asaterial for this report ims taken 
frcsa the annual wildlife reports sutenitted by each District Park Ranger. 
This report i^as required fron each ranker district for the first tiiiK3 
this year and serves to record and make aTnailR"^^!''-^ ■J-'-e '-■••'^''"^ i^-r.rNTn-.r': -iT-iic?.- 
life obsenrations meuie by Protection Divieio: 

Forest Fire Pr q tection * By the close of .,a^ ,..w ....>. all forest 
fire fighting equipraSnta IWiudinG fire trucks, which aro to be stored 
at the ManEaoth fire cache had been received at the cache lOcked in. 

for the winter. The r^iainder of the equipment -cdiioh is j,.:.-.c..:.od in the 
caches out in the park has been stored for th© "irinter, ratioi^, etc., 
having been renaved frcsa the packs and placed in cellars unfcil spring. 

Two ultra high flrequency radio sets -wiaich have been on order 
from the Forest Service since last spring -were received on October 26. 
These sets appear to be in good shape esccept for a broken switch "Hhich 
is being inspected by tha electrical division and if this is of a minor 
nature the sets will be accepted. 

Blister Rust Control . The barracks at Car^ron vmre inspected 
§md found to be "well "braced and in order for the Tdnter* 

Wood Utiliz ation . All of the vrood ^Aiich ims out c 
Creek cut tliirf "area tKls' "suc-saer "ssas hauled to the various stations and to 
the storehouse at Maarnoth. Approxiumtely 250 cords trers out. This cost 
|ll4.«32 per cord for cutting. Hauling costs l^ve not heen assembled as 
yat. A fiiail inspection of the Lewis River cutting area -vms made. The 
area •was found to be in sood order and the iwod cutting contractor Ft. 
Roseborough -was given clearance for final payiasnb hy the Yolloirstono I^rk 

Trails . A conferenoe was held on Octobe; jen Snginoers 

Lindauer ard Wohlbrandt and Assistant Chief Hanger vlnoh oonoeiming 
trail estimates for next y»ar« 


-sasir f»*i# w«sb: js is^ ©Ma A -'^■^^ J«> '■ i-qo 

""'## !&l>SSt grtSW ®8l^ il. . =.. / -sofa's; t' . 

ndl smMlnfjmsk ♦soititeoo is©iiJ«TC©go ffJt qjrt* sCawcO I«jhB\nD ©il* ©osXq 

• ■Mte^ 4oj^ SXS'l'njife |'»eBM©r5«^ «s©l?iiYM' tmltm&^'fi 'f^ -JSihism ^^im t^ffn&^o 

.i«l ,?»#r®»f?o M» «»(■"■ -- - - ■ ^ ■ . -. , " '" " " &z 

mit mS: b^^f-mwi ial .,... —-....,. .. ..... .- -....-.: .- '^ol 

■■■«*.d^ i«fsols^«Tf it^^jtlir 9i#>i»1: ,|«»*»#i -fipwiif aM ^jl^js^; 

telnio ito ?ifi>e<f ©Tar! H©l#ir' SiMi -oi&fin ^^©urp^i^ ifjs.ljrl ^tsl-fcf <3f»T 

ffoirfw rbitlifB £2:@:£o'rd m '., , ..;.-.- •■^ e^^a boo^ ill: tKf c^* iB'sqq^ ari-®ES ©asdT 

-#3K!r« a.:., . .:,,/ ««sr ::.....,.. . . ... _,. .. -. ...j , •... 

M'- ' • 

'■"-.' ■ " ♦*?^«ft?- ^ ,_, _ ,^^_ 

■:....;-.;.:-::; ........ ....... „:,.:,. ^r 

Building Fire Protection . Fire fir® helmsts xn- L'chased 

during the month. Those helnots are for use of nozzlaiaen 3.2x1 the fire 
chief if it ■beccsaes nocessary to enter a burning building. 

Oa October 10 a half day was devoted to training the fir« 
engine crew. Several different hose lays -vmr® practiced. 

All hose was relaid in the fire truck and all other equipaienb 
checked. The truck and all truck equipment is in first class condition 
and the engina crew is •well trained, Osjq mare session will be held for 
training on pump operation. 

Sixteen "Bero" fire extinguishers -smro used to replace eight 
defective pyrene type carbon tetrachloride extinguishers. 

On October 10, ten carbon dioxide extinguishers %fere sent to 
Denver for recharging. Ctf these, four wore the large 15~pound type and 
six ^rore the lighter li-pound type. All were returned, completely 
recharged, on October 31» 

Accidents and Publi c Safety . Four motor Tnshicle accidents 
•were reported during the month, three' being Class "3?', one Class "A" and 
one involving a Crovernnienfe power c^'s.derf 

Two of the accidents involving park visitors caused serious 
daraaf^es to the oars and the Governmenfe grader ims damaged considerab3.y 
when it '.las driven down off tha road shoulder. Ho injuries ^saore reported 
in any of the accidents. The three park visitor accidenfcs were reportedly 
caused by faulty driving on ley and slippery roads. 

L&?f Snf orceiaent . There ise re no law violation cases reported 
during the~nonfeh except tWt an elk v-nas shot in the park near the Gallatin 
area by a sian -who did not roalize that h© was in the park. The sBsm, upon 
discovering that he had killed the elk in ths park reported it and 
delivered th© elk to park rangers. The elk had been properly cleaned 
and dressed and was turned over to the Government raess. 

T. Baul Wilcox, U. S. Coamissioner, vms absent .frota the park 
throuchout the month, he having been confined to th® hospital in Living- 
ston due to illness. H© left ths hospital on October I3 for Seattle, 
""ftishington, iwhere he expects to be for an indefinite period* 

Deaths. Mrs. Anna G. Hard, 7O, njho ^as injured in an auto- 
mobile accident on the Norris-Canyon road on September 27, died in the 
Park Hospital in Livingston on October 1* 

A. A. Tison, Assistant Audit or 3 YolloTivistcme Park Company, died 
in Halena on October 2. Mr. Tiaon had been involved in an automobile 
accident on the Livingston-Gardiner road on September 28 and it is 
believed he nay have suffered soras infeernal injuries which contributed 
to his death. 


%.* :i:,- , -. •■ -r^a >-'tQvr stjbI ?jsc'-' trncn^llb 1; ■ :::i£7<im> 

.:.:_._ -„„..„! ^.-^:. ihnXi n^ Bl iii *l^osd© 

noqjir ^rmz eKT ,rf*tsq i^I;^ «1. ^My m isai^ esHij«?t -J-oa bib orfr rtac; .jb '<;«! Be-xc 


;vitaX.#tfia®§ ^©1: ^1 ^o-. Xa^^iqaojfl <x{v' dledt 8®^ .«Br9C£lXi ot ©life iio#® 


,«tlfi ^ftWBK^tet 

Sflua P, Sftglo* 69» pioneer buslnsssman of lest Yellowstone* 
died of a haart attack on Ctetober 20, Mr. Sagle vr&s a fine friond of 
the park and -was omployed in tte Yellowstoa© in the stagsooaoh dsLju» Hs 
has opsirated a stores at \%st Yellowstone sine© 19^^- 

Mlliaia M, Hush, 6^, -who for amTer&l years carried on wildlife 
studies in the park as a joint project for the Forast Services Pish and 
Wildlife Service and the Kational Park Service, died of a heart attack 
at Harwport, Oregon on OotoTser 25 ♦ ^r. Hush was a long-time Goverraaent 
omplo3^e, having been employed as a Forest Servioe ranger and Fish and 
Midlife Servioe Biologist, and has written several books, the last book 
«m bears entitled "Daff" having been published just a short tiine ago* 

Charles W. Enochs, 75 » oi* Mlsall, Montana, died in the Park 
Hospital in Livingston on Octobf^r 26» Mr, Snochs "sras ©ngai^ed on rcmd 
work for tho Ifetional Bwrk Servioe for scsas fourteen ;;©ars prior to I927 
■when he laoved to "^-ilsall to beocrae mainteimnc® director for th© Montana 
Bighway Depai't!j®nt, 

Anthony B. Ifelson, fojraierly aciplc^d as an autamobilo mechanic 
with the IfetiOTal Plark Servioe in Telloesrstone ifetional Bark, frcaa I929. 
to I9I+6 and nho was retired due to disability, died at Powell, %OBing, 
on October 29« 

Harry Jones, 66, of Gardiner, Montana, died at the Park Hospital 
in LiTingston on October 29. Mr. Jones 'was eai-ployod as ranch forosmn t*bh 
the Ifetional Park Service in Yellowstone from Jlay 28 to December 3I 

Personnel. Lawi'eiM© Murray, Hlaetrician Foreisian, who tms Mdly 
injured when he fell frcaa a light pole at Old Faithful on Slay 9* '^'^'as 
ablo to resume light duty beginning October 1. 

Virginia T» Puller, Statistical Clerk, terainated her services 
at the close of business October 11* 

Louis M. A. lytlesba, Youeher Clerk, GS-I}., and Shirley K. 
Wohlbrandt, Clerk-StenogxTStpfeer, (B'-U.» both resigned effective at th® 
close of business October 13* 

Miscellaneous * The first fall Eieeting of the Federal Saployees 
Union !lo. l^ was helidt in the Canteen October 2. Ths F.S.TJ, sponsored 
a Ballowean Dance held in the Canteen on October 27* 

Sdmund B. Tlogers 

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